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Robert William Morris founded William Morris London almost two decades ago, with the aim of offering designer eyewear to every audience, following a very ‘English’ line in branding and design. Indeed, to this day the brand's logo welcomes customers to London, and openly celebrates the fact that their glasses are ‘designed in London and very proudly British’.

Still very much at the helm of the  company, Robert William Morris believes that – in a world dominated by corporate branding and large scale production – it is the family values which sets William Morris London apart from other eye wear companies.

Today, the brand is sold in over forty countries across the world, and we at Eye Eye Design are proud to be among the online stores bringing William Morris London to a global audience.

As well as traditional reading glasses and sunglasses, William Morris London also offer a range of optical frames – meaning  you can purchase the style you love, and then have your specific prescription lenses added at a later date by your own optician.

With some truly striking and contemporary designs, we are sure that our William Morris London collections will be as popular through Eye Eye Design as they already are across the world. The company website describes William Morris as ‘Fashion Eyewear for Fashionable People’ – and we certainly agree!

Interested? Why not take a look at our full range of William Morris London eye wear.