Designed in Florence Sempre Art are cool classic reading glasses made for the men and women who want more from their eyewear than cheap unfashionable brands. Fashion,cinema,design and art icons inspire the Sempre Art reading glasses collection. " Sempre" means "always" in Italian so Always Art has a timeless classic feel to it.

sempre art allen camo reading glasses designed in Florence priced £22.sempre art design ettore reading glasses

We have started with three styles as above from left to right, Allen, Ettore and Roy. Eyeeye design and Funky Readers are the only UK stockists of these Italian designed reading glasses.Allen inspired from the cinema icon Woody Allen are a classic oversized frame which is very much in vogue at the moment.Ettore inspired by Ettore Sottsass are slender and stylish in keeping with someone who has been described as the Godfather of Italian cool. He was the founder of the Memphis Collection, a renowned architect and designer and a friend of Dylan,Picasso and Hemingway, so we are in very good company. Roy (pictured above) is inspired and named after an iconic American artist Roy Fox Lichtenstein who created "the Whamm" collection of pop art.All the reading glasses in this Italian collection are unisex, resistent and super light with flex hinges. They come in various colours with a soft pouch, a cleaning cloth and are presented in a sturdy box. The strengths of the reading glasses are from+1 to +3.

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