Breaking News!

Breaking News!

Nothing has changed except the name.

The breaking news is that See-Concept has become IZIPIZI.On the 10/01/2017 See-Concept announced their launch of the rebranding of their Letmesee reading glasses range with the new international brand name IZIPIZI.Nothing has changed except the name; the styles,colours, and quality are all the same. We are busily adopting the changes to our website and in the early months of the rebrand you will see the See-Concept and IZIPIZI brand names sitting next to each other. There are some exciting new colours and products being launched on IZIPIZI for Spring and Summer 2017.We will be seeing them next week and bringing them to you as soon as possible as IZIPIZI on

We will continue to bring you our high standards of customer service during the transition.

Remember nothing has changed except the name,

Ciao for now!

Martin and Judith